mobile gaming controller



1. Self-developed magnetic attraction combination technology
2. Add the right back button
3. Composite mechanical buttons
4. Fluid curve grip
5. With Huawei DFH authorization, it is deeply adapted to EMUI and Magic UI systems. The nearby function is only applicable to Huawei mobile devices.
6. Mobile phone size requirements: 67-92mm, such as: Huawei P40, Honor V30, Xiaomi 10, Samsung galaxy s20, oppo ace2, vivo iqoo neo3, red rice k30, oneplus 8, etc.
7. Magnetic three-stage fast charging technology: Combine the handles on both sides, and one data cable can fill two handles.
8. More complete adaptation to ios 13.4
9. Replaceable joystick and arrow key components: original import ALPS™, 7mm universal type and 8mm delicate control type




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